Dr. Yaniv Altshuler

Using Artificial Intelligence to Help Cows Go Green

Yaniv AltshulerCows burp a lot, and when they do, they release energy in the form of Methane. This wasted energy causes $20B annual loss for farmers, and is also one of the largest sources of carbon released to the atmosphere. In fact, Methane emitted by the global cow population has an effect on climate that is equivalent to the greenhouse gas emission of the United States. Although various food additives aim to reduce methane emissions and are available today, their efficacy is inconsistent and often short-lived. It is very difficult to predict which additive would be able to reduce methane emission levels for any particular herd.

We have developed a technology that calculates the optimal feed additive cocktail for each herd based on the genetic information that is obtained from a gut microbiome sample taken from a small number of cows in each herd. This results in X3 higher efficacy, meaning that farmers can produce more milk and meat, at lower costs, while significantly reducing emissions.